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Chiara Luce

Page 32 – With her friends in Sassello, Chiara Luce never wanted to be the centre of attention. She didn’t speak about her Gen experience with them, hers was not an apostolate made up of words – she just loved. “One day I asked her,” said Maria Teresa, “‘Do you tell your friends in the coffee shop anything about Jesus? Do you try to say something about God?’ She replied quite naturally, ‘No, I don’t speak to them about God.’ I looked at her and said: ‘You mean to say you don’t take the opportunity to say something?’ Chiara replied: ‘Talking about God doesn’t count for much. I have to give Him.'”

35 – The doctor’s verdict soon arrived: osteosarcoma with metastasis, one of the most painful and relentless tumors known.

37 – Only once did she ask the reason for her suffering. After the first operation she had exclaimed: ‘Why, Jesus?’ But a few moments later she said: ‘If you want it Jesus, then so do I.’

38 – “You have a marvelous light in your eyes. How come?” After a moment’s hesitation Chiara replied: “I try to love Jesus.”

43 – For three days Chiara kept perfectly still. One evening she said: ‘For me this is a little trial. it hurts and I am sorely tempted to move my thumb. So, to overcome this temptation I say that this butterfly needle is one of the thorns that Jesus had in His head.'” She even refused morphine: “It takes away my lucidity, and all I have to offer Jesus is suffering. That’s all I’ve got left. If I’m not lucid, what sense has my life got?”

44 – “You only see well with your heart, the essential things are invisible to the eyes.”

45 – (Chiara) “Love, love always, love everyone. At the end of every day we should be able to say: ‘I have always loved’.”

45 – She ran into the room straight away to find her gasping for breath and covered in sweat. “Mum, the devil came in here,” said Chiara.

45 – “I’m not used to seeing young people like you. I have always regarded your age as one of great emotion, intense joy and wild enthusiasm. But you have taught me that it’s also a time of total maturity.”

46 – Chiara Luce was lucid right to the end. She constantly refused to take any painkillers that might have reduced her capacity to think and express herself clearly.

53 – (Chiara) “You must have the courage to put aside ambitions and plans that destroy the true meaning of life, which is to believe in the love of God, and nothing else.”

55 – “Often man does not live his life, because he is immersed in times that do not exist: things that happened in the past, or which he now regrets. Man could give meaning to everything by leaving his selfishness behind and going out to others.”

55,56 – Many things unite us: congresses, meetings, songs, experiences, dances, laughing together…But there is something else I would like to do together with Chiara Luce: become a saint.”

Chiara Luce: A Life Lived to the Full
by Zanzucchi Michelle

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The Catholic religion does not bind us to confess our sins indiscriminately to everybody; it allows them to remain hidden from all other men save one, to whom she bids us reveal the innermost recesses of our heart and show ourselves as we are. There is only this one man in the world whom she orders us to undeceive, and she binds him to an inviolable secrecy, which makes this knowledge to him as if it were not. Can we imagine anything more charitable and pleasant? And yet the corruption of man is such that he finds even this law harsh; and it is one of the main reasons which has caused a great part of Europe to rebel against the Church. How unjust and unreasonable is the heart of man, which feels it disagreeable to be obliged to do in regard to one man what in some measure it were right to do to all men! For is it right that we should deceive men?

by Blaise Pascal

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Prayer of Saint John Vianney   Leave a comment


“I love You, O my God, and my only desire is to love
You until the last breath of my life. I love You, O my
infinitely lovable God, and I would rather die loving You,
than live without loving You. I love You, Lord and the only
grace I ask is to love You eternally….My God, if my tongue
cannot say in every moment that I love You, I want my
heart to repeat it to You as often as I draw breath.”

Prayer of Saint John Vianney

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